CGP Coating Innovation

News 2017

Manufacturers of Stabulon Anti-Slip Papers & our sheeter Excalibur.

With our high COF on our anti-slip papers and boards, our products make it possible to put an end to loss damages, improve load stability, prevent waste and reduce other secondary packaging at the same time.

Our extremely flat sheets are preferred for both automated and hand stacked applications.

Our Stabulon Anti-Slip Paper is the only one that carries the ISO 14062 Eco-Designed Certification, it is truly 100% recyclable and reusable.

Other noticeable improvements are safety, efficiencies, carbon foot print and increased profits.

We also have our Excalibur Sheeter on display demonstrating how we can now help customers be more efficient by sheeting the desired size on demand and only work with 1 roll width to manage all their finished products.

Please come see us at Booth 6516 in the South Lower Hall and learn why we are the experts from beginning to end when it comes to your anti-slip paper needs! We look forward to seeing you there and assisting you with your current challenges.