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How to optimize your palletizing pattern and loading plan?

palletless handling

Thanks to computers, several software programs provide you some basic tips on palletizing pattern and loading plan. However, teams are now thinking out of the box and want to be guided towards new solutions. Solutions that come from the packaging itself!


Regarding palletization, the main target of packaging teams is to find the right balance between customers’ expectations (for instance: pallet stability) and high adaptation on their own palletizing lines. Therefore, packaging teams are constantly searching for innovative solutions on the market. First things first, the analysis and improvements of both primary and secondary packs are therefore critical for the future pallet pattern. Any mistake can lead to huge losses (both financial and ecological). That is why tertiary packaging plays an important role in the qualification of the new pallet pattern, especially the ones that challenge actual situation. Indeed, tertiary packaging brings technical assets that creates great opportunities for packaging teams. For instance, we have seen antislip coated paper increasing number of products layers per pallet load. This packaging materials integrates easily the palletizing lines of the factory and delivers a real value to the end customer.


Across the loading plan optimization, one of the chosen way is the elimination of the pallet support, used for bearing and transporting the goods from point A to point B. Considering that 20 pallets are placed in a 40-foot container, you can actually increase your Vehicle Fill Rate (VFR) by 4% if you avoid the standard wooden pallets. But the question remains: how to ship my products without pallets? Is bulk load the only solution to do so?

Well, palletless handling solutions does exist on the market. The main solution is called: Slipsheets. This is a carton, corrugated or plastic material that will replace current pallet support. It has the size footprint of your load and consequently, it can be easily customized to reach the perfect pallet pattern and the optimized loading plan. The solution will not only improve your VFR, it will also keep current pallet unity from point A to point B. Thanks to some equipment plugged on your forklift, the warehousing team will easily load a container in the most efficient possible way.


From palletizing with innovative tertiary packaging to loading plan with palletless handling solutions, some market alternatives can help you reducing costs and ecological impact as well as reaching your transportation challenges.

palletless handling slip sheet

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