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Pallet interlayers: 3 good reasons not to dump it

Pallet interlayers: 3 good reasons not to dump it

Like any good cost hunter, you wonder what the pallet sheet could be for? May be you’ve already imagine that your pallets could travel well without!


So let me tell you why, more than a palletizing accessory, it's a real tool that contributes to the efficiency of your packaging:


 1. First, the interlayer protects the products.

· Positioned at the bottom of the pallet: The pallet insert prevents contamination and damage related to the use of a pallet: damping, perforations, pallet marks and layer collapsing.

· Positioned between layers: The pallet interlayer separates the layers and avoids any contamination of a defective packaging. The interlayer also prevents friction and deterioration of the products between them.

· Positioned on the top of the pallet: The top sheet protects the last layer of products against dust and other contamination related to the transport or storage of double stacked pallets.


 2. Second, the tie-sheet stabilizes the loads.

The pallet interlayer ensures cohesion between the different units of palletized products. It also makes it possible to stiffen the load and it helps a better distribution of the weight of the palletized loads.


In the case of a columnar palletization, it ensures the stability and the cohesion of the batteries which makes it possible to increase the height of the palletized load.

Depending on the nature of the interlayer, it provides a flat surface that allows the stacking of irregularly shaped products or informs.

Thanks to a palletizing pad with a non-slip surface, you can remove bundling or shipper boxes and palletize your products directly in their ready-to-sell packaging.


 3. Finally, the pad is a communication medium like any other.

The interlayer may be printed on all or part of its surface with a logo or an advertisement. It may possibly have a communication tab that protrudes on the side of the pallet. This tab can support a promotional message.

 Finally, the interlayer can be transparent. In this case it will be a plastic film, which let appear the primary or secondary packaging and its communication surfaces.



Anti slip interlayers

Let’s resume: a palletizing interlayer is used at the first place to protect your products; it separates the layers which constitute the pallet and stabilize the palletized loads; at last, it is also a communication media.


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