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The success of your routing and marketing operations !

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Flexible range

Flexible range


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The success of your routing and marketing operations !

Technical and logistical reliability

The success of routing, marketing, mail order, or kiosk sales operations depends largely on the technical and logistical reliability of the film manufacturer and transformer.

From estimate to delivery, our specialized teams have built and sustained our brand image in this field. They assist you with their strong technical knowledge.


  •  Wide selection of raw materials
  •  8-color high quality flexo printing
  •  Opaque films for confidentiality
  •  "10 days delivery" service
  •  Printing on metallic or complex films
  •  Delivery from stock, EMERGENCY repairs
  •  Daily contact with our technical/sales team
  •  Technical assistance for graphic and dimensional design


Whether you need bio-sourced films and bio-compostable films, polypropylene or polyethylene, tinted in the mass or printed, transparent or metallic, we meet your requirements.