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Films for each and every situation.

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다양한 제품군(맞춤 주문 가능)

다양한 제품군(맞춤 주문 가능)


“Customized” solution

우리 기술 자료를다운로드하세요 뉴스레터 ! 가입하세요! 귀하의온라인샘플

Films for each and every situation.

Films tailored to your products

Your specific needs in terms of weldability, mechanical characteristics, printability, slippage coefficient etc. define the composition and treatments of your CUSTOMIZED FILM, in complete confidentiality.

It is neutral or tinted in the mass or printed with up to 8 colors.

There are numerous industrial applications for polyethylene and polypropylene films:

  • SHRINKABLE COMPRESSION FILM THAT CAN BE SEALED. It allows you to reduce the logistic costs of compressible materials. Waterproof and UV resistant, it allows the outdoor storage of materials.


  • Rolls of COMPRESSION FILMS are also your communication and traceability supports, with flexo printing of up to 8 colors.


  • THIN FILM BAG LINER protects paper bags from moisture while facilitating the filling of powders by a ventilation specific to your products or to your production conditions. Thin films bag liners can be delivered from 7 to 20 microns, with or without Corona treatment, with or without perforation or indentation. 
  • INDUSTRIAL LAMINATION FILM is developed for your needs, up to a width of 2,800 mm. It is neutral or tinted in the mass or printed with up to 8 colors. The composition of several material layers, polyethylene or bio-sourced or bio-degradable, is defined according to your transformation process.