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3 reasons to place your trust in us:

  • Reduce your accident risks
  • Reduce your product damage
  • Increase your loading speeds

ROLLS, Safe Stocking and Transport

Innovative packaging solution, CGP COATING INNOVATION stabilizes your rolls

Safely stock and transport your rolls using the STABUSTOP® anti-slip slipsheet and STABUMAX® anti-slip mat.

The storage and transport of rolls of paper or other materials has always been a source of accidents. Owing to their shape, weight and overall bulkiness, the handling of rolls is a major and potentially deadly risk for your personnel, the truck drivers transporting your goods and your customers.

Recommendation R42 notably describes the following risks to be considered when determining the preventive measures:
- the falling of rolls stored upright.
- the slippage of rolls stocked horizontally.

Don't take any more risks, secure the storage and transport of your rolls with anti-slip paper sheets.

Within your workshops and good storage platforms, it is your responsibility to provide an efficient action plan to prevent these risks without unduly over-burdening the working procedures.

  • Rolls on pallets: STABUSTOP®, placed at the base of a pallet, prevents rolls from sliding off the pallet.
  • Rolls (small widths, small diameters) on pallets: STABUSTOP®, placed at the base of a pallet, prevents rolls from sliding off the pallet.

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  • Rolls loaded without pallets: STABUMAX® anti-slip floor mat, secures your horizontal or vertical roll load.

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Simple and efficient, our STABUSTOP® anti-slip tie-sheets and STABUMAX® anti-slip floor mats prevent products from slipping up to a 65° angle owing to their high coefficient of friction.
Our products are 100% recyclable, 100% repulpable.