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3 reasons to use CORROSTOP®:

  • Reduction of corrosion-related costs
  • A complete range of solutions
  • Enhanced productivity

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Packaging range

Packaging range

CORROSTOP® VCI corrosion inhibiting paper, cardboard or plastic

Innovative solutions to protect metals from corrosion

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3 reasons to use CORROSTOP®:

  • Reduction of corrosion-related costs
  • A complete range of solutions
  • Enhanced productivity


CORROSTOP® VCI corrosion inhibiting products: the volatile corrosion inhibiting solution for reliable protection lasting up to several years and ensuring immediately usable dry parts.

The VCI CORROSTOP® - Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor - products are chemical solutions that can be applied to paper, cardboard or plastic media.

The CORROSTOP® VCI molecules within the atmosphere of the packaging. The effect of polarity draws these molecules to the surface of the metals on which they are absorbed in an invisible film layer. The ion/electron exchange between the metal and the electrolyte on its surface (moisture) is interrupted; this is known as "passivation" of the metal surface.

CORROSTOP® VCI corrosion inhibitor provides efficient protection during storage and transport. The passive layer gradually dissipates once the packaging is opened and the parts are unpacked: your parts are clean, corrosion-free and require no further cleaning. They can be used immediately.

CORROSTOP® VCI corrosion inhibitor is a complete range of packaging media designed to protect all metals:


  • CORROSTOP® Paper: papers, laminated papers, crepe paper, laminated crepe papers.

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  • CORROSTOP® Film: flat films, sheaths, gusseted bags, flat bags.

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CGP COATING INNOVATION develops volatile corrosion inhibiting solutions adapted to Ferrous metals and ferrous alloys - our S solutions and to Multimetals - our M solutions.


All of our CORROSTOP® VCI products guarantee optimal protection of your parts and components in keeping with the requirements for implementing VCI corrosion inhibiting solutions.

Corrosion inhibiting packaging adapted to your needs for safe, rapid implementation and exceptional ease of use.


Paper corrosion inhibitor range:


CORROSTOP® 60 - Kraft 60 gsm.

CORROSTOP® 80 - Kraft 80 gsm.

Slip sheets, part packaging, cardboard box or plastic container lining.


CORROSTOP® 90 - Laminated Kraft paper.

Packaging of small and medium-sized parts, cardboard box lining (in zones of high humidity risk).


CORROSTOP® 125 - Crepe Kraft paper.

Slip sheet for heavy parts, anti-shock and corrosion inhibiting packaging, wrapping for coils of wire or rolled strip.


CORROSTOP® 140 - Laminated crepe Kraft paper.

Packaging of voluminous or angled parts, lining of reusable flight cases (as per specifications), unit storage on racks, wrapping.


On a high-strength Kraft base, impregnated with a VCI corrosion inhibiting solution.

Specially developed to provide optimum and long-term protection.