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3 reasons to use STABULYS®:

  • 2-in-1 product: Anti-slip and Anti-Abrasion
  • No more micro-scratches and micro-impacts
  • Respect for luxury products

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Special coating range

Special coating range

STABULYS® - Anti-Abrasive and Anti-slip coating

Innovative anti-abrasive and anti-slip solution for paper, cardboard and films.

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3 reasons to use STABULYS®:

  • 2-in-1 product: Anti-slip and Anti-Abrasion
  • No more micro-scratches and micro-impacts
  • Respect for luxury products

STABULYS® Secures and Protects your fragile products.

The appearance of high-end products is becoming increasingly important.
Your customers are willing to pay for sophisticated packing and packaging to showcase their products in a demanding market segment. Gloss or mat varnish, black, gold or silver, and metallic colors are sensitive to the imperfect reflections caused by scratches or micro-impacts.
You want impeccable packaging in order to meet the expectations of a demanding clientele in terms of presentation, where the slightest defect could damage the reputation of the brand.

STABULYS® is an anti-abrasive and anti-slip coating designed to protect and stabilize products that are sensitive to scratches, friction and impacts: varnish, paint, glass, lacquered plastics and wood.


Your products or packaging are highly sensitive to impacts and friction, STABULYS® helps stabilize products and prevent slippage.

STABULYS® considerably reduces impacts between products during lateral movements and prevents possible friction with the secondary packaging and the formation of micro scratches.
Your products that are sensitive to scratches (varnish, lacquer paints, shiny plastics or glass) are held in place by a sheet of paper, flat or corrugated cardboard whose surface is coated with our STABULYS® anti-abrasion and anti-slip solution. Impact marks are thus prevented and any residual friction between products or with the packing remains without effect.

Our STABULYS® coatings are available on paper, flat cardboard and anti-slip cardboard substrates.
Available in rolls or sheets.
Maximum width: 1,550 mm.

STABULYS® Anti-slip, Anti-abrasive:

  • Reduces non-conformities associated with the presentation of the products.
  • Increases brand impact by ensuring perfect packaging.
  • Prevents micro-impacts and micro-scratches.