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Logistics range

Logistics range

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STABUSTRAP® - The ecological and economical alternative to stretch film.

STABUSTRAP ® elastic band fixes and protects your packages without damaging them. Ideal for all your internal or external transport operations. ECONOMIC SOLUTION TO DEFINITELY FORGET THE FALL OF PACKAGES.  


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  • Suitable for maintaining the vast majority of palletised products
  • Strapping tape for holding loads on a pallet
  • Easy implementation by one person
  • The strapping band is delivered to the unit by a dispenser cardboard or rigid material


Suitable for maintaining the vast majority of palletised products: crates, cans, bundles, .... The standard STABUSTRAP is suitable in 90% of load maintenance cases   STABUSTRAP HEAVY STABUSTRAP HEAVY is suitable for maintaining heavy and unstable products   STABUSTRAP LIGHT The STABUSTRAP LIGHT is suitable for holding fragile and compressible products that can be deformed by too much holding force   Presentation in reel of pre-cut strips, packaging in a dispenser box.

  • Length 1200 for perimeters between 2.5 and 5 m
  • Length 1400 for perimeters greater than 5 m