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Environmentally friendly products that comply with standards.

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Flexible range

Flexible range


Sustainable development solutions

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Environmentally friendly products that comply with standards.

From extraction to transformation

We extrude and transform materials which comply with the standards of the industrial bio-compostability (EN13432) as well as the new provisions of home composting.

These materials are also partly made of renewable plant resources.

Our range also includes a totally or partially bio-sourced PEHD film, made from sugar cane.

According to the current regulations, we can supply films with biodegradable additives, made of polyethylene, bio-sourced or not, or of polypropylene.


All these solutions may be applied to our diverse range of products depending on your specifications :

  •  Food films
  •  Packaging films
  •  Industrial films
  •  Routing and marketing films
  •  Bags
  •  High quality printing
  •  Reels retail service