CGP Coating Innovation
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World leader in anti-slip coatings


Specialists in coatings on papers,
films and other flexible substrates

Innovative packaging solutions.

CGP INDUSTRIES, specialist in water-based coatings and the transformation of papers, films and other flexible technical supports.

Equipped with ultra high-performance coating machines, state-of-the-art cutting and winding machines and a variety of other creping and silicone application machines, hot embosser and printer...

CGP INDUSTRIES proposes a continuously evolving range of packaging products and industrial applications to promptly and effectively suit your requirements.

Innovative packaging solutions.
Innovative packaging solutions.

The 90-person team of experts in technical coating of papers, films and other flexible supports is dedicated to its customers.


An eco-friendly stabilization range, ISO 9001 certification since 1997, guarantees of an efficient and sustainable partnership in the fields of packaging and industrial applications.


The site, with a covered surface area of 13,000 m², transforms more than 20,000 tons of products each year.


With continuous and sustained revenue growth, CGP INDUSTRIES delivers products developed with its know-how to the 4 corners of the globe, with more than 65% of its revenues generated abroad.


CGP INDUSTRIES is located in Cébazat, North of Clermont-Ferrand in the heart of the Auvergne region.


Rue Verte

ZI Ladoux

63 118 Cébazat - FRANCE


Tel. +33 473 161 800

Fax +33 473 161 839