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The TECHNICAL CENTER features a PACKAGING DESIGN OFFICE made up of engineers dedicated to designing tailor-made packaging, and packaging products.



  •  Overall or partial project management for primary, secondary or tertiary packaging (technical specifications, supplier selection, audit, real tests, optimization). 
  •  Packaging optimization (reduction in materials, cost, thickness, etc.). 
  •  Packaging rationalization (reduction in the number of references). 
  •  Palletization plan optimization. 
  •  Prototype manufacture. 
  •  Loading plan optimization. 
  •  Packaging design. 

        Primary packaging: in direct contact with the product (bottle, drink box, sleeve, etc.).
        Secondary packaging: grouping (case, cross-pieces, etc.).
        Tertiary packaging: pallet and its components (tie-sheets, wrap, etc.).

These services may be proposed for all types of material (glass, plastic, cardboard, alu/steel) and for all types of industry (food production, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, heavy industry, etc.).
The packaging characteristics and properties depend on:

  •  The constraints related to the weather, handling, palletization, storage and transport conditions and the distribution and recycling circuits. 
  •  The geometry of the packaging and its design in paper and other materials 
  •  The manufacturing technique and mechanization of the packaging 


Our extensive knowledge of materials and the wide variety of tools and industrial process at our disposal allow us to carefully match your needs to the choice of materials, the development of coatings and the choice of processes.
•  The designed packaging is tested in our materials laboratory.
•  The palletization schemes may be tested on the Technical Center's test and stress benches before being implemented in your premises.