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Packaging range


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ECOLIFLEX is a press for cold-sealed materials. Cols-sealed materials are consumables that are coated with a self-sealing coating :

  •  Cold Seal compact cardboard (200 to 300 g/m²) 
  •  Cold Seal single-sided cardboard


ECOLIFLEX is a quick, easy and adaptable machine.

The ECOLIFLEX press is ideally suited to e-fulfillment requirements (order management and monitoring via Internet).


Operating principle: Simply cut the length of self-sealing cardboard you want, insert the object to be protected, close the package by pressing the Cold Seal-coated sides together with the ECOLIFLEX.


Find out more about Cold Seal: The materials that are coated with Cold Seal are intended for manual and automatic packaging for parcels. When two layers of self-sealing coated materials touch, they stick together. They don't require any hot pressure to stick together, only cold pressure is needed.

A product which is inserted between 2 Cold Seal self-adhesive parts will be protected effectively without any glue residue being transferred onto it.


Get rid of the endless different sizes of envelope: Cold Seal cardboard is suitable for all objects, from small fragile objects to large objects. It is a flexible material which marries the shape of the item it packages. It is the perfect consumable for packaging objects of various sizes. Provided in a reel, the self-sealing compact cardboard and the self-sealing single-sided cardboard are rolled out according to the needs of each package to be made up, to the exact length needed to produce the packaging.


Easy opening Cold Seal: The self-sealing cardboard and the self-sealing single-sided cardboard may be delivered in a reel with an integrated cut-out to make the package easy to open.

100% MANUAL PROCESS An operator needs to apply pressure with the MANUAL ECOLIFLEX to close the package.