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3 reasons to use CORROSAFE®

  • Reduce downtime
  • Lower costs
  • Increase operator safety


Putting a stop to corrosion in the automotive sector

An alternative to oil protective coating

CORROSTOP® VCI corrosion inhibiting, paper, film and system

An efficient alternative to protective part oiling techniques for all players in the automotive industry.

Your customers expect you to supply them with parts that are in good condition and ready for immediate use on assembly lines.


Packaging and protection are one and the same!
Use, CORROSTOP® Complete range of VCI corrosion inhibiting products:


  • CORROSTOP® Paper: papers, laminated papers, crepe paper, laminated crepe papers.
  • CORROSTOP® Film: flat films, sheaths, gusseted bags, flat bags.
  • CORROSTOP® emitters: diffusers, tablets.
  • CORROSTOP® Alu: Aluminum complex covers and bags.
  • CORROSTOP® Desiccant: desiccant pouches.


You want to avoid the drawbacks inherent to oil protective coating techniques:

  • Downtime associated with the washing and drying of oiled parts
  • Time required for oil coating operations
  • Part stock prior to the packaging process
  • The increasing cost of corrosion-inhibiting oils
  • A secure environment for operators working in contact with protective oils

Eliminate material- and downtime-related costs: your washed and dried parts can be immediately packaged in CORROSTOP® VCI corrosion inhibiting packaging.